Friday, May 27, 2011

Dying to Get (it?) Outta Rain Town

I have a few quick links to share with you all on this dark and stormy evening, with the first being a review for the Zombie/Serial Killer film, Die-ner (Get it?), a movie that forced me to type (Get it?) way more than I ever had planned on doing when I started writing reviews. I'd like to NOT thank Die-ner (Get it?) for that.

You can find my review of Die-ner (Get it?) (AHHHHH!! I GET IT! NOW FUCK YOU!) over at the latest issue of BThroughZ.

Die-ner (Get it?)

After that, I'd like to steer you towards a little place known as Strange Kids Club, where you can watch and read my brief thoughts on Hiroyasu Ishida’s short Anime film, Rain Town. A film that couldn't be more fitting with the state of weather that has been plaguing my area for the past two months. I might have to start wearing a flannel and crying over Kurt Cobain if this shit doesn't clear up soon. 

rain town

Rain Town

That's it. I would stay and chat, but I have a free form knitting class at 7:00 AM and I cannot perform well without at least 8 hours of sleep. You know how it is. I promise I'll be back soon with something for CNAMB, you know, since I have been slacking BIG TIME as of late. International super-stardom takes up a ton of time.


  1. That was a fair review of Die-ner over at B-Z. Personally, I thought it was terrific for a film that made me cringe when I saw the title. Hell I even interviewed the lead and director for my site last year. The worst part of the film is the title and the worst part of writing the review and interview was having to write (Get It?) all the time. So it is nice to finally share that affliction with someone. =)

  2. I remember your review, and between that and a few other positive-ish reviews, I might have went in with slightly heightened expectations. I did enjoy it for what it was, and it's certainly better than a lot of other straight-to-DVD horror releases. But yeah, (Get it?) is the worst!


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