Sunday, October 22, 2023

The 2023 Halloween Party Music UBER MEGA-MIX!

Halloween music videos

Darkness is abound, completely taking over

As your senses are filed with the smells of October

The blackness is unavoidable as it continues to swirl

So best to embrace it and get ready to twirl

As the sounds begin to pulsate, you feel your heart rate

Continue to rise from its once resting state

The wind howls loudly as it begins to whip

To the spooky sounds that come from the 2023 Halloween Party UBER MEGA-MIX!!

I may not be around much these days, but CNAMB is always in my heart (especially during Halloween), and I’ll be damned if I will not always make an effort to, at the very least, drop the most recent, most sickest, most INSANE Halloween music playlist ever made my a human named Matt who runs a blog titled Chuck Norris Ate My Baby. As always, this Halloween playlist is always evolving and always growing, and I try to mix the videos up so there is variety from one song to the next. I’ve added quite a few new videos this year, and did my best to track down any that may have been pulled from YouPorn, I mean Tube. Well, at least if I notice. I should probably keep track of what I have on this list, but that would be smart. Who the fuck does smart things?

Okay, hope you are all having a sick a TWIZTED Halloween so far, and feel free to send me cash if you feel like it. Bye. Love you.

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