Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chucktober 7: H2-Oh Snap!


Welcome back, toys and squirrels, to the 7th annual celebration known as Chucktober! Seeing as this is the 7th year (which is only 3 years away from 10, so that makes it special), I’ve put all my effort into ensuring this is the best Chucktober yet! Or, at the very least, the seventh best.

In any event, the lineup for this Chucktober is packed, stacked and ready to attack, so take a moment to see what I have in store for you!

Goosebumps TV shows

Pumpkin Cinema the best movies for halloween book

The houses october built movie review

UFO abduction 1989 ..

Salute Your Shorts Banner

The halloween that almost wasn't review

bad trick or treat candy ideas

The basement 1989 review..

It’s okay if you cry… it’s a lot to take in. And really, you’re a little unstable, so I had a feeling that this would happen. Here, have some orange juice… you good? Okay, then…


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