Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas for Your Ears!


First of all, for those of you who celebrate Christmas, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. For those of you who do not, I would like to wish you a happy Wednesday, and I am sorry that you have to deal with all this shit every year. Now, whether you celebrate the birth of commercialism or not, I do have a special gift for you on this fine Christmas day. In fact, I have two of them, neither of which are socks or underwear.

First up, the Zubaz clad Carl Brezdin of Fist of B-List and myself were brought in as special guest hosts on the Gentlemen’s Guide to Minite Cinema (GGTMC) for their annual Christmas episode. Now, instead of focusing on a pair of holiday films, Samurai and Big Willy – the gentlemen behind the GGTMC – chose to cover the 1990 Teddy Page/Sean P. Donahue joint, Blood Hands, and the 1985 Shaw Brothers gangster/martial arts flick, Hong Kong Godfather.

Blood Hands HKG

No bullshit, this episode is sure to deliver some serious joy to your heart, and I can say that confidentially because I had a complete and total blast recording it with them. If you’d like to check out the episode for yourself, I have provided the proper links below:

Elves 1989Now, as awesome as all of that already is, I am feeling a little extra generous this Christmas, so I have one more fun little tidbit that is sure to fill your stocking with a wad of Christmas spirit. The before mentioned Karl Brezdin and myself got together and recorded a special episode of the Midnite Ride, which is a short form podcast in conjunction with the GGTMC. Seeing as it’s the holidays, Karl and I decided to take a look at the 1989 holiday classic, Elves, staring Dan “The Camel” Haggerty!

Again, this is another fine episode about a not so fine, but utterly silly holiday horror flick. If you’d like to hear Karl and myself ramble on about this holiday shiterpiece, then please hit the links below:  

Okay, I would like to get drunk now, so get the fug off my lap or I’ll be forced to give you a few black and blues for Christmas. However, before I go, here are some more links you need to check out:

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