Friday, September 13, 2013

Matt-suzaka Takes Manhattan… and Gives it a Big Old Kiss!


Good morning class of 1989! Hopefully you got your permission slip signed for our big trip to Back Online. Back On Duty., but if not, I’ll probably let you slide if you’re promiscuous enough and have some cocaine. Anyway, the trip should take about an hour, and when we get there. we’ll be spending most of our time on rooftops, in back alleys and down in the sewers, but you guys won’t know the difference, right?!

Okay, now that I’m done being an idiot, I am here to encourage you to take a few minutes out of this lovely Friday the 13th to head over to the OCP approved Back Online. Back On Duty. to check out a piece I did for a brand new segment entitled Back Online. Back On Doodie. The idea behind this segment is simple: guest bloggers are invited to share a film that they once hated, but somehow, someway, have learned to love over the years. I have a number of films that fall under this category (and vice versa), but after much thought and deliberation with my favorite stuffed bear, the one I went with is Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan!

Honestly, I had no idea that Friday the 13th was nearing when I chose to write about Jason Takes Manhattan, but the coincidence is certainly okay by me. Regardless, please take a moment to stop by Back Online. Back On Duty to check out my hate-to-love relationship with Jason Takes Manhattan, then be sure you spend some time checking out all the other goodies that Eric has in store on what is truly one of the best blogs ON THE PLANET!




  1. any jason stories.. is a good jason story.

  2. It was not a cinematic masterpiece, but golly I love this movie! Yes, I have my gripes with it but there are some interesting things I've pointed out about it. Plus it's entertaining.

    I agree your growing appreciation of this film as you've gotten older.

  3. It's definitely entertaining, and that's what makes it so fun! I actually could have written nearly the same post for 'A New Beginning' because I never liked that film much growing up, but I absolutely love it now. It has some of the best (aka funny) characters in any Jason movie!

  4. A New Beginning is the last one I watch out of the bunch but I do find some great memorable parts in that film and contrary to many opinion, I really like where John Shephard took Tommy Jarvis' character.


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