Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Salute Your Shorts Double Feature: Dollface(2011)/Girl At the Door (2013)

I got me a tasty double dose of horror shorts courtesy of director Colin Campbell to share with all you lovely ladies and gallant gents, so take yourself a moment to settle in for a quick night of pure terror starting with...

Dollface (2011)

Dollface 2011 short film horror Colin Campbell

It’s Halloween night, and Nick and Emily (Nick Holmes and Jen Dede) are spending their evening playing a game of chess as they wait for trick or treaters to knock on their door. It isn’t long before they get their first trick or treater of the night: a strange woman whose face is painted like a doll (Shelley Wenk). What ensues is something that neither Nick nor Emily would or could have ever expected, as their lovely evening quickly becomes a nightmare of madness and murder.

No reason for me to dwell upon plot details when you can watch the short for yourself below, but I will say that Dollface is a solid horror short filled with some fun twists and turns that should satisfy your horror hungry appetite. It’s quick, to the point, and the setting for the shorts’ second half is very appealing, so take 7 minutes out of your day to give Dollface a watch:

Girl at the Door (2013)

Girl at the door 2013 short horror film colin campbell

Taking a slightly more psychological approach to its horror, Girl at the Door focuses on a one-night stand that grows more and more sexually aggressive as their evening of passion passes. The next morning, the man (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) wakes up alone, as the woman (Kristen Renton) has seemingly left during the night. He doesn’t think much of the situation, that is, however, until a few nights later when the woman shows back up at his door and seems to be reliving the evening exactly as they had already spent it.

Though slightly predictable, Girl at the Door is a nicely crafted short film with touches of impressive camerawork and a high production value, all of which plays for a nice backdrop to the great performances. While I slightly prefer Dollface, Girl at the Door is a very good short film that should please those who have a taste for a quick tale of terror, so take a looksie for yourself, and please feel free to share your thoughts on both shorts in the ol’ comments section below!



  1. They're both solid, I agree. However, I liked Girl At The Door better.
    I really enjoy watching horror shorts and hope you review more. Have you seen this one:

    1. I haven't watched that one yet, but I certainly will, but I won't let you know what I think because I might as well review it, too!

      I love horror shorts and I would like to review more of them on the blog. I did review a handful of good ones for in the past that were really good. Here's a short list of the better ones:

      I Love Sarah Jane
      Bug Chaser (NSFW with male nudity!)
      Remote (my favorite of the bunch)
      2 Hours

      That's all I can think of of the top of my head, but there be some goodies in there for you!

    2. Cool! I'll check those out. I don't usually see many shorts until Viscera rolls around so I'm all for suggestions.

    3. It's insane how many great ones I have seen in the years of blogging... rarely have I seen one that I don't at least really like.


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