Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Salute Your Shorts: Thrill Kill

Thrill Kill Poster 2

With a budget of $130 and a four hour shooting schedule, Zach Shildwachter’s debut short film, Thrill Kill, made its bloody online debut today.

The short focuses on a man (played by J. Buckner) who is living out a movie inspired fantasy that involves a bank heist gone wrong, necrophilia and a gorgeous woman (Agata Stasiak) on the verge of death, and it all takes place in a speeding '77 Mustang.

Sound exciting?! Well, it is, so take a moment to check out Thrill Kill for yourself, which I have conveniently embedded below:

If you’d like to learn more about Thrill Kill as well as keep up with Zach’s upcoming projects, please take a moment to check out The Studio On Mars at www.thestudioonmars.com. Zach’s a good friend of the CNAMB crew (of one), so show him some love and support!


  1. This seems freaking awesome! It always amazes me how someone with such a limited budget and time can be more inventive and creative than the Hollywood big shots who make million dollar films. Thanks for posting about this and getting me turned on to it.

    I gotta say, the name of you site is great hahaha. I just followed you, great page. If you wanna chat horror films, swing by my page!



    1. Nice, glad you dug the short and happy to have you stop by the site to leave some kind words! I just scoped out your site and it looks very cool so far. Love you banner... Trick or Treat is so great!


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