Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Death of Death-cember and Other Random Crap

For the time being, the holiday season has completely made its exit from our current existence, and with that comes the end of Death-cember. Death-cember, a month where I was far from prepared to do anything whatsoever, turned out to be decent enough, all things considered. I'm happy with the posts I got up, especially with how damn busy my life was for most of the month, and Death-cember surprisingly brought about what would be the busiest month, traffic wise, CNAMB has ever seen! And for that, I have to thank you peeps out there in internetland.

Anyway, on to a new year, and with 2012 all up in our guts, I look forward to growing as a writer and making this blog the best I can make it. I have a pretty awesome new monthly segment that I actually started working on about seven or eight months ago, but just never got around to posting any of the individual posts ('cause I'm weird like that). Also, since 2011 has gone done past us up, I have begun to work on my best of '11 movie list, but I won't really do anything with that until the end of the month so I can have the chance to catch up with a few more flicks. Though, I do have quite the girthy list already. As for this month, I want to try to get a bunch of screeners and other shit out of the way, so I might make low-budget/independent horror my focus for January. And as for right now, I think I'll spend a little after holiday quality time with me wife and the Christmas lingerie I bought for her.

sexy cristmas

Somebody's getting their stocking filled all the way up this year.

Hope everyone had a great New Year, and I will see you in the DangerZone!*


*Not Sure what the DangerZone is, but it sounded like a pretty sick thing to say at the time.


  1. I just recently discovered your site. I really dig it. Can't wait to see the new monthly segment

  2. i am in... cannot wait!
    hey who do i have to kill to work on your magazine... i want to do some art, maybe a z-dazzle for your crew.

  3. Dave: Awesome, thanks for stopping by, Dave! The new segment should be a lot of fun, I think!

    iZombie: Ah, I wish it was me, but I am not the man behind the magazine! I'm sure you could contact them and make something happen?


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