Thursday, December 29, 2011

CNAMB Presents: Presents!

What Death-cember would be complete without a post where I show-off the Christmas goods that I received, while completely ignoring the true meaning of the holiday in a completely selfish and childish way? So here we are, only a few days after Christmas, and - despite the fact that there was not even one flake of snow to be found and the sun was shinning strong like my chest after an intense aerobics class - it was quite the wonderful Christmas celebration indeed. Of course, the fact that the overall holiday was very satisfying and fun on all fronts, the main factor for success is certainly do to all the awesome gifts I got! How selfish?!   

For this holiday season's edition of Presents, I went and saved myself the headache of having to spend an hour and a half typing, instead opting for the much elongated six hour headache of trying to make a video post with a shitty phone camera and cumbersome editing software. Soon enough I'll be able to use my actual video camera (it's a long story), and poorly synched videos littered with horrendous image quality will be a thing of the past.

Anyway, why am I typing when I already did the video? Go ahead… press play, enjoy and be sure to share the awesome gifts you received in the comments section!




  1. For some reason my laptop is having issues playing sound... But, I can say that the 45 seconds I watched in total silence was amazing!

  2. Hero: Thank you kindly, good sir!

    Christine: Sadly, that's where the video peaks! I actually recorded this one and didn't like my lack of enthusiasm, so I recorded another video immediately afterwards but the damn camera stopped recording about halfway through! So I was stuck with meh. Thanks, though!

  3. No problem! Thanks for the awesome gifts and I hope you are having a fulfilling holiday season!


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