Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bad Trick or Treat Ideas: Box of Raisins

bad trick or treat ideas2

I suppose raisins could count as a fruit (which we already know is a big no-no!); however, they do come in a box (with a sexy ass chick on it) therefore disguising this "only good with bran" trick as a faux tasty treat. No matter how hard the California Raisins tried, children cannot be conditioned to believe that raisins are in any way, shape or form delicious (unless they are covered in chocolate). So do yourself a favor, raisin giver: take your raisins, throw them away, and buy some grapes. But don't even think about giving me those, either. Unless they're seedless. And green.


  1. But raisins are nature's candy!! Not. As a sugar addict I always hate people who's quitting advice is "just have some fruit!" like an apple is a sufficient dessert substitute...pffft!

    Growing up in the California raisin capital, my husband was pretty much screwed as a child trick-or-treating.

    1. Ha ha, poor guy! And apples are a great healthy alternative... too bad I like to dip them in caramel!


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