Friday, June 8, 2012

Alien Quadrilogy DVD Giveaway Winner!

Here it is, folks… the winner has been picked, and the Alien Quadrilogy DVD Giveaway has officially come to an end.

I want to thank everyone who partook in this epic event, and I also want to send out a huge congrats to the winner, who will remain a secret until you watch my shitty video!

Enjoy the vampire tits!

PS: When I mention "the wonderful Miss Christine Makepiece," I am of course referring to one half of the awesome Cult film magazine, Paracinema Magazine, just to be clear. If this contest brought you to my blog for the first time and you've never heard of Paracinema, be sure to check them out!


*For those who didn't win the competition or want to watch free movies online, or are interested in LOVEFiLMs streaming or DVD rentals to watch the Alien quadrilogy, visit You can sign up for a free trial and find out if the service will suit your viewing habits.*


  1. Congrats, Matt! Thanks for putting the giveaway together... Matt? I'm confused.

  2. I read that real quick and thought I won!

  3. Doe that make me the actual winner?! 

  4. That's what you get for reading ahead, Missy! I can't believe I dropped your name and didn't mention the mag, so I had to make up for it! ;)


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