Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ch**k No**is Ate My Baby Shut Down by the Government!

Join the fight against censorship. If you think it doesn't or couldn't affect you, think again, homeboy (or homegirl… I don't wanna be sexist here).

Follow this link to learn more!


  1. All those 80's Sci-Fi movies are coming true. It's fuckin' DYSTOPIA, man!

  2. Yeah man, it's true. We'll all have to move our shit to the underground!

  3. I'm glad that the Government has so much free time on their hands since everything else in the U.S. is hunky f'n dory. Also glad they got their priorities in order. Blocking internet sites is more important than economic recovery. Wow...did I just post my first political comment...on CNAMB of all places!?

  4. Ha, this is the place to do it, Geof! We can burn our bras together in protest! It's all about money and greed, which is pretty much what it's always about. Trying to make money off anything and everything, even if at the sacrifice of freedom.

  5. chuck would lose to bruce

  6. Bruce Springsteen? Is he tough?



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