Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chucktober DVD Giveaway!

As I mentioned in my latest Dumpster Diving for Gold vlog post - which I fully expect you will watch at least ten more times… a day - I have picked up a few great films on DVD that I wanted to use as giveaways for my lovely readers. What sort of prompted me to do a giveaway at this time, right in the middle of Chucktober, was a little tweet I laid my eyes on the other day…

undisputed 4  

With this incredibly boner inducing news, I figured what better time to giveaway a copy of Undisputed III: Redemption than with a Scott Adkins tweet claiming that there is indeed a fourth Undisputed film in the works? However, there is one tiny little problem here. I must remind you that it is indeed Chucktober, and it's my vow to try my damnedest to keep all content this month horror related, and Undisputed III is certainly not a horror film (it's a Rom-com). That's where you, good reader, win BIG.

To make this shit Chucktober official, I am not only going to give one lucky winner a used copy of Undisputed III: Redemption, I will also throw in a used copy of Adam Green's fantastic Ski lift horror film, Frozen, just in time for winter!

Chucktober contest

And you know what, to sweeten the pot even more, I'll even toss in one back issue, of the winner's choice (so long as it's not sold out), of Paracinema Magazine (as well as a few other secret goodies!)!

Now, you're probably thinking, "Matt, this is totally radical, but what's the catch?" Well, it's actually quite simple. With only eight days left until Halloween (YIKES!), I would love if you'd share with me your favorite Halloween tradition. What do you love to do every year, more than anything, during the Halloween season? It can be anything whatsoever, and it doesn't have to be all that elaborate, either. Come up with an answer, leave it in the comments section of this post with your name and email address, and you will be entered, simple as that. The giveaway ends at midnight Friday, October 28th (Eastern Standard), so you have exactly one week from today to leave your answer. Soon afterwards, I will tally all the names of those who enter, drop them in a hat and announce the lucky winner in a vlog.

Two of my favorite movies of 2010, an issue of one of my favorite magazines (after Bear magazine, that is), and all for less than the price of a cup of coffee. What isn't great about that?!

Good luck, and I look forward to your answers!


  1. For trick-or-treating, my mom would take us to one particular house every Halloween, the home of one of her co-workers. This was one of the nicest little old ladies that ever walked the planet. Not only did she give awesome candy, but she'd also take our picture for our mom, so we have Halloween portraits over the course of our entire childhoods. I've continued the tradition with my nephew.

  2. When I was a kid, no matter which adult it was that would take me and my little cousins trick or treating, it was always a bit of a tradition for them to also dress up and ask for candy themselves.

    Now of course when I was a kid I thought this was crazy. Me and everyone else my age would laugh at the fact I had a 30 something year old uncle that was dressing as a pirate with a sack asking for candy when we go ours. But people in my family would fight amongst themselves for this odd right. Everyone wanted to be the one to walk everyone around with the kids, all dressed up. I never really "got" it until now I got up in my late 20s. And I may get funny looks from kids and people now, but these Halloweens it's me taking the little kids in the family around, dressing up, and asking for candy as well.

    Chuck Conry

  3. in the last several years, it has been a tradition to hide from those bastard kids... wait, i don't want little fat kids in power rangers costumes ringing my doorbell. several of my friends and wife watch musicals that deal with a horror nature... starting with "Little Shop of Horrors", "Repo: Genetic Opera" and "Sweeney Todd"... lame... maybe.


  4. Monstervhsvision: That's really cool. I always wish I had photos of me from Halloween's past, but unfortunately, I have none, so that is a great little thing to have!

    Chuck: I certainly get it, Chuck! I can see how it totally gives you a nice chance to relive youth and nostalgia, something that is a huge part of Halloween. I want to go trick or treating too!

    iZombie: Hey, that works perfectly! Horror films of the musical variety fit in perfect with the fun and scares associated with Halloween!

  5. Alas I have no Halloween traditions. I'm usually working on Halloween these days.

  6. Well, then you would have to consider working on Halloween your yearly tradition?! Good enough for me, you're entered! ;) I always take like three days off from work for Halloween. I need as much time as possible to be hungover.

  7. Well, how about this... back when I was in the air force, our yearly tradition with me and my buddies in the barracks (the dorms) was to go to our friend/co-worker Ray's house and get smashed. It was the place to be for everyone in our shop every Halloween. I still have pictures from some of these parties. The yearly tradition was so important to us that, despite all of the people I was stationed with being split up and in different parts of the world now, we're actually planning a reunion for next year that revolves around Halloween.

    aarond_0999 at yahoo dot com ;-)

  8. I love to watch 3 specific movies The Shining, The Fog and then end with Halloween 3. I like to take the day off from work, lounge around watching any horror movie till dusk (5PMish) and then pop in The Shining ending the night with Halloween 3. We buy tons of great candy and I save all the toys from happy meals to give away with the candy. Nothing too special but this is what I love to do.

  9. I would sit for hours on end in a dark closet constantly simultaneously crying and masturbating while watching the Halloween films. I would try to time it so that whenever Jamie Lee Curtis would scream...well you get the idea. It may be worth mentioning that all this would take place while I was wearing a filthy Santa's hat and listening to Stairway to Heaven in reverse. Sure its not your average Halloween story, but my father was a minister (he really was) and I myself am completely insane. Happy Halloween Matt!

  10. I LOVE Bear Magazine. Even more than my own magazine!

  11. Aaron: Now that is pretty awesome, especially with the whole reunion thing, too. I can imagine how great it will be to see those guys after so long.

    Sleepycris: Those are great choices and I am always happy whenever someone shows some love for Halloween 3!

    Jon: Ha, I know where I'm going for Halloween now! Double rainbow indeed!

    Christine: Ha ha, it really is a great mag. There's an incredible rereadability (rereadability?!) factor that you just don't find with most magazines!

  12. oh shit i thought i posted but i dont see it here

    i have a boring tradition

    i like to stay up later than anyone in a quiet dark house and put on rocky horror just for me

  13. So long as you are in the nude, or close to it, it works perfect for me!


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