Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bad Trick or Treat Ideas: Loose Change

bad trick or treat ideas2

Nothing says grubby quite like someone else's slightly warm loose change. Though, if you want to kick the grub factor up a notch, putting that loose change in an old, wrinkled plastic sandwich bag and handing it out to trick or treaters should just about do the trick. It's disgusting, dude. Might as well give out a bagful of your toenail clippings. Do yourself and the rest of humanity a favor, spend the ten spot and pick up a bag of candy, you know, so I don't have to be plagued by your grotesque germs.


  1. In this economy, I don't think there will be many complaints about anyone giving out loose change. Unless covered in some sort of bodily excretion...

  2. My dad's boss would hand out new one dollar bills, plus candy. I think handing out something besides candy is always a gambit, so it's good to sweeten the deal with actual treats as well as whatever else. Just don't be the house handing out toothbrushes! Or the candies wrapped in orange and black paper. Yech!

  3. Ashlee: That is true. Money is certainly always a nice thing, but it's more about the cleanliness of the money that concerns me most. For the record, I did get change a few times as a kid, and it was always real gross! Also, here is a good example why change is yucky!

    MonsterVHS: Wow, new one dollar bills and candy is a serious treat indeed! Also, good call on the black and orange candies, and I believe toothbrushes might make an appearance on this segment in the future!

  4. What about handing out Loose Change the documentary? ( Zero grub, 100% conspiracy!

  5. Ha, that would be the perfect way to make an impact on the youth of America!

  6. Agreed! Use that spare change to buy expired dollar store candy if nothing else.

  7. I live in an almost rural area, so not really expecting many trick or treaters this year. If I do get any, they'll be getting balls of dryer lint I'm making up special for them. Comes in all colors. More fun than silly putty. What kid doesn't want a ball of my own personal dryer lint?



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