Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bad Trick or Treat Ideas: Fruit

bad trick or treat ideas

WOW! FRUIT! YAY? I mean, you might as well just give me an apple with a razorblade in it. At least I can use the razor to cut your phone line and your electric before I come into your home and take all of the good candy you kept to your asshole self.


  1. Haha! So Funny!

    One year I gave out "consolation" prizes to the losers of my horror movie trivia game... little boxes of raisins. It went over well, as they are also a known Bad Trick or Treat Idea (possibly fits under your fruit category?)

    I see you also already covered loose change. Yep. All kids dread the old person with the pie tin of pennies.

    1. Thank you! And not to show my hand or anything, but there might be one of these Bad Trick or Treat Ideas featuring everyone's least favorite wrinkled treat coming soon!

      The funny thing about raisins is, I used to sort of like them growing up (which might be due to the marketing power of the California Raisins), and a about a year ago after not having them for like 20 years, I bought some, and they were so horrible! Never again.


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