Saturday, July 2, 2011

Great Moments in CGI: Mega Piranha

"And one and two and three and four…Kicking Mega Piranha sure does make for one heck on an abdominal workout! One look at these results, and you'll want to order the Mega Piranha VS Super Abs workout video today!"


  1. Brilliant, love the fact that they're not coming from the water.

    Shine a Light Cinematography

  2. Love this scene. It actually motivated me to buy the film (that and the $5 price tag). Makes me laugh out loud every time.

  3. Where exactly does anyone think they're actually coming from? as Chris says it certainly isn't the water.

  4. Chris: I figured they were just out getting some sun and decided to attack the dude?! He looks like the kind of dude that would spur such a reaction of of piranha!

    Jack: A $5 spot is a great deal for Mega Piranha, and I think a handful of the Asylum/SYFY films are really cheap to own, too. It's like $5 buck for a good laugh!

    Hero: I bet they were making sand castles, and that dude accidentally knocked one over and didn't apologize! It makes much more sense than anything else I can come up with!

    Astro: I know!


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