Monday, July 4, 2011

Dumpster Diving for Gold III: The Quickening

The DVD dumpster gods have been kind to me as of late, which only gives me the opportunity to make yet another video where I shall successfully make an ass out of myself while telling you what I got. Enjoy.

Post video thoughts:

I neglected to mention that I spent a grand total of $16.85 on this batch of bad-ass.

Did I unwittingly sing an 'NSYNC song?

I'm straight killing that maroon V-Neck like it's no one's business.

Thankfully there was never an H.P. Lovecraft dildo made. But if there were, would it be called H.P.'s LoveCraft?

Boughten? Really?!

I put my cell on vibrate, yet, I neglected to ignore it?


  1. Can you please host a workout video? PReferably with that sassy southern voice?

    Also, I adored Joshua. Very unsettling little film. And yes, 'torn' is a very excellent description of Vera Farmiga.

    Whereas 'hot' is by far the best description for Viggo Mortenson, particularly when playing it southern.

  2. You, just only recently purchasing The Last Dragon?! Regardless, it's pretty damn impressive getting it for $2.50

    I'm thinking you should take up a second job as a professional shopper...

  3. Emily: Only if I get to wear legwarmers!

    She certainly always seems to play that type of character, but she does it well enough, but not nearly as good as Viggo does naked!

    Ashlee: Can I make money doing that? If so, then YES!

    I have almost bought The Last Dragon sooooo many times, but I knew I would find it for cheap one day. My patience paid off!

  4. Let's be honest though: NOTHING is as good as Viggo acting naked. Maybe Clive Owen naked, but I can only say that after seeing it (hint hint Clive who's reading this hint hint)

  5. Ha! Love that intro, dude. And I agree with Emily... JOSHUA is good shit.

  6. Thank brother! And Joshua is on the very soon to watch list.

  7. That is so weird that I visited here today, because I bought Unnamable II yesterday at Big Lots. Glad to hear it's good. I love Lovecraft.

  8. I saw it at Big Lots the other day, too. $3 bucks is a nice price. I haven't rewatched it yet, but hopefully it's as fun as I remember.

    Also, what's weird about you coming here and commenting will be explained in your most recent post in a moment!


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