Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where My Monster Video Watch-Dogs At?!


The latest issue of BThroughZ is upon us, and with that comes yet another mediocre review from yours truly. This month I take a look at 1984's Monster Dog, a werewolf film directed by the great Claudio Fragasso. As if having the maestro behind Troll 2 wasn't enough poop in this bowl, Monster Dog also stars one Alice Cooper, which creates the perfect opportunity for a few incredible musical set pieces (as you'll see in the video below). Check out my review (by clicking HERE!), and while you're at it, check out the slew of other great articles found inside this wonderful online zine.  

Since we're sort of on the subject of magazines, I wanted to mention that the upcoming issue of Video Watchdog (issue 160 to be exact) contains a contribution from good friend of CNAMB, Jeff Allard. You may know Jeff from his blog, Dinner With Max Jenke, and if you do, then you know what a fantastic writer Jeff is as well as being an extremely knowledgeable horror fan. Jeff's featured piece is an in-depth look back at one of my favorite genre TV shows growing up, Friday the 13th: The Series! Video Watchdog is without a doubt one of the finest genre magazines in publication and it's made all the finer with Jeff involved, so I encourage you all to show some support and pick up the issue. I just got mine in the mail and am ecstatic to read Jeff's article, and I certainly want to congratulate him on this greatly deserved achievement!



  1. I haven't seen Monster Dog in so long. Like kiddie age. I'm off to check out your review.

    Kinda OT but wow are your Sox going to be good this year. Way better than Yanks at least.

  2. Hope you dig the review, Geof!

    And off topic is all good for some MLB talk. The Sox filled some serious holes with some serious qaulity and they still have some major upswing with the starting pitching if the right guys show up next season (Beckett). Not that their pitching is even close to your Phillies after that Lee pick up...him not going to NY made my fucking year!

    Welcome to David Wells Ate My Baby! HA!

  3. I'm only making the jump to ensure the fact that you berated the film. Matt, don't fail me now! =D Ps - Happy New Years and here's to a prosperous and Chuck-filled 2011!

  4. Thanks Carl...hope your New Years was a great one, but I will disappoint you with my enjoyment of Monster Dog!


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