Friday, December 10, 2010

Jan Terri's Christmas Dance Party!


While so many enjoy their holiday celebration with classic songs such as, White Christmas, Little Drummer Boy, O Holy Night and so on and so forth, I prefer to spend my chilly evenings snuggled up to the first lady of funk, Jan Terri.  Thankfully for me (and frankly, for all of us), Jan has a Christmas classic of her own and, much like her personality, it has a touch of sass that's not often found in your average holiday jam. 

See, the thing about Jan is she actually tells a story with her music. With Rock and Roll Santa, Jan has a tale to tell, a tale involving a walk near, well, something I actually couldn't make out, when suddenly Jan sees something she cannot believe!?! Santa Claus jammin' and wockin' on a GUITAR inside of some store that clearly sells nothing. Nothing but sex for Santa, apparently. I mean, it's obvious that when you're a guitar playing Santa, you have no problem commanding bitches to sit on your lap. If you can snag Jan Terri for a seat on your north pole, on top of all those other girls (and even a dude!), then you truly are rock and roll, Santa. 

As with all Jan Terri videos, there is an incredible focus on production value. From Jan's incredible puffy winter coat and red shoes ensemble, to the concert hall where Santa spends his time rocking out, this is grade A art direction we're dealing with here. Most importantly is the way in which this music video was shot. Rock and Roll Santa's DP pulls out all the stops to convey the spirit of Christmas, with amazing shots of mall decorations, store front displays that aren't even Christmas related and of course, Jan making hard moves next to some river. Hot. Hot in a nice Christmas way, of course. After watching this, it is clear that the only thing I want or need for Christmas is, Jan Terri to strum my guitar string, wock and woll style.


  1. i am santa in this video... and i was wockin'
    and then i slept with jan terri... she found my mistletoe... and the rest is her-story...

  2. "Jumpin' around like a house on fire..."? I'm not sure I even know what that means. Houses don't jump! Ah, the irreverent imagery of Jan Terri.

    To borrow a quote from MST3K:

    "Y'know, if seasonal holiday depression has a soundtrack, this is it." - Mike Nelson

  3. I do believe it's time that Ms. Terri be added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

  4. Zombie: Ha, Jan kissed your North Pole under the mistletoe?! Now that a wockin' party, right there!

    Astro: I can only imagine here writing process consists of laying in front of the fire on a bear skin rug, creating an imaginary world that only makes sense to her!

    Pax: At least by default, right?! I mean, if Lady Gaga can get away with being famous, why not Jan Terri?

  5. for hours... the song played on my boombox in the background... i got nogged!

  6. You never cease to crack me up dude, I was playing this for the guys at work last week. Best use of overexaggerated hand motions ever.

  7. Carl: She really knows how to bring the bad/good pain! I wish she had come out with a movie at some point. Maybe she has to save her father's ranch and the only way to do that is with her voice!


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