Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Winter Hangover


Someone should change the word winter to loseter, because my battle with mother nature is not exactly going my way. We (as in, my cat, my girlfriend, and my fettuccini alfredoyumm) got a shit ton of snow overnight, last night – maybe between 8 and 10 inches? Well, the area surrounding my residence got 8 to 10 inches, but I believe that there is an evil vortex surrounding my home, a vortex that causes every little gust of wind to deliver all of the Earth’s snow to my house. Many of my neighbors have only a few inches in their (pants) driveways and on their sidewalks - here, where I live, there are spots where it’s like 3 feet. Those choice spots would be much of my driveway and 85% of my sidewalks. Awesome. What a way to kill a few hours before going to work on a Saturday night!

So yeah, that bitch ass mother nature can suck it hard and I would love to take my shovel and pull a “Normal Norman”on that menacing beast of a woman. One day mother nature…your ass is mine – weather or not you like it.

In other less than stellar news, as you probably already noticed, there will be no Horror Hangover today. Unless you didn’t notice…in that case, carry on. There wasn’t shit on this afternoon, like nothing at all…I think television is all over or it ran out maybe? Either way, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, so that could be a factor too…you can look forward to some mediocre commercials and maybe a trailer for some awful, big budget, Cleveland steamer of a movie that’s on the horizon!! YAY! (Betcha they show the A-Team trailer…betcha) All I hope, is that Peyton NOTMUCHOFAManning gets his ass clobbered tonight and Tom Brady can come over and piss in his open, unconscious mouth. The Golden Boy, giving a golden shower…how poetic. I’m rambling now…I blame it on hypothermia. Or the rain.


  1. Hope your battle with the snow goes well, Matt. I like snow. Blood on snow is even better... ;o)

  2. I actually like snow too, but not when I have to shovel it for endless hours! And yes, there is no look quite like some deep red blood soaked into some pearly white snow!

  3. i feel your pain bro. winter has been brutal and not in a good way this year. i was hoping the horror hangover would give me something to look forward to today but ... yep there is nothing of note on today.

    by the by your screed about the shite winter was probably the funniest thing i read today. and though not a New Orleans fan i am rooting for them. Manning gets no love from me neither.

  4. It is a rough day for movies on television when even Sy Fy doesn't deliver shit worth noting! And yeah, I could care less about the Saints, but I am definitely not a Colts fan, so GO SAINTS!

  5. Shoveling, slipping, wet pants (and feet!), crippling case of cabin fever, been there, feet still recovering from that.

    I'm right there with you.

    No movies? More tragedy...

  6. There is a true sadness that comes along with being enclosed and having nothing good on TV. Thank the heavens for DVD and instant view!


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