Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Totally Tubular Trailers!


I’ve been battling sickness all week and just when I think I’m all better, I wake up feeling crummy again. It sucks and it’s wicked difficult to focus on writing shit when I feel like butt, but feeling crappy and writing a little less gives me the chance to just sit at the computer and search the internets for interesting trailers. So here are a few that caught my attention that I wanted to share with all you lovely ladies and germs.    


First up is the trailer for Lost for Words. Written and directed by Sean Wainsteim, Lost for Words is a fairytale of sorts, but no real plot details are available at this time. It is described by Wainsteim as: a love letter to the time I spent in the library as a child, immersing myself in books, illustrations, music, performance and puppetry that led to a lifelong fascination with storytelling. How endearing. The trailer is quite fascinating and the visual style, as well as the production values are very eye catching. Definitely something to look forward to.   


Next up is a trailer for the Malaysian horror film, Killer Clown. Now this promises to be completely awful, but more than likely, utterly entertaining. As seen with movies like Student Confidential and The Room, you know you’re getting into something special when a film is written, produced, directed, and staring the same guy, and that guy is Julian Cheah. Bathe in the badness!


Next is the trailer for Centurion, an epic sword and sandal film from genre favorite, Neil Marshall. The movie takes place during the war between Roman soldiers and Pict tribesmen during the 2nd century Roman conquest of Britain, and is promised by Marshall, to be very bloody and brutal! Magnolia/Magnet Releasing announced just today that they have acquired the U.S. rights to Centurion and will release it as part of their Six Shooter Film Series, which includes the sadly truncated U.S. release of Red Cliff and one of my top films of last year, Bronson. Marshall has proven to be one of the best horror/cult directors working today, so this is a film that I am definitely excited for and with it being picked up by Magnet, it should be seeing a VOD as well as a limited theatrical release very soon.


In tiny trailer news, here is the super quick teaser for Jorge Jaramillo and Luis Fernando Mora’s, Play with Me (Juego Conmigo). The film is described as a psychological horror film that concerns “a number of individuals drawn into a world of living childlike nightmares.” Intriguing and even though the teaser is only 20 seconds, it is certainly worth noting. 


Last trailer for the day comes from Someone's Knocking At the Door, which is set for a DVD release on May 25th. Written and directed by Chad Ferrin and staring Noah Segan, Someone's Knocking at the Door is a throwback to over the top Grind house cinema and blends a slew of off kilter genres. I really like this trailer a lot – the film looks incredibly strange and I enjoy how the music is used in it too.

That does it for this go around kiddies, hope you saw something new, something cool, and something that interests you, in this batch of Totally Tubular stew!


  1. wow, that's a dope mix tape of cinematic beats. Especially keeping an eye out for Someone's Knocking at the Door and Play with Me.

  2. Someones Knocking at The Door looks crazy mad yo!

  3. All of these movie's look highly passible and certain to put me in the poor(er) house.

    Lost For Words has a nice dark old school fairy tale feel.

    Killer Clown looks so laughibly bad with it's over thought out acting and those running sequences... that wasn't a green screen, right?

    Where do I sign up for Play With me?

    And Someone's Knocking At The Door is going to give me nightmares, I know it. But I'll probably love it and see it a few thousand times after.

  4. Zach: Isn't that 20 seconds 20 seconds that grabs the shit out of your attention?!

    Zach and POT: Someone's Knocking at the Door just gives off that vibe like it's going to be soo crazy and whacked. It does look like it could be a big let down too, hope that's not the case.

    Ashlee: I can't believe how cool looking Lost for Words is! I wonder how long it will be, but I do know it is all finished filming, so hopefully it will be out soon.

    And Killer Clown? Man, that movie looks so right up my alley!

  5. Matt - You think Killer Clown looks bad..have you seen the trailer for Birdemic: Shock and Terror?!?

    This is gonna make The Room look like Citizen Kane.

    Marhsall's Centurion is the anti-Braveheart it seems.

    All the other definitely look intriguing.

  6. I'm checking it out at your place right after this comment! I have heard about Birdemic, but haven't seen anything for it yet...can't wit to witness the bad!

  7. When I saw "Centurion" I got excited! I thought they made a movie about the cartoon from the 80s! re: BIRDEMIC, I really need to see that one. Severin keeps hyping the shit out of it on Facebook.

  8. You honestly would NOT want to see Killer Clown. Honest. Unless you want a comedy.

  9. Aaron: Well, guess I never saw this comment?! My excitement for Birdemic is quite intense and that is mostly due to the hysterical Birdemic pseudo-hardcore song! Cannot wait.

    Anon: Comedy is what I'm hoping for with that one and I would expect nothing better!


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