Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snots, Sniffles, and Conversations in the Dark


I, as in me, as in the guy that is typing this right now, is the latest guest on B-Sol’s Conversations in the Dark podcast! You can listen to us talk about horror directors that haven’t stayed relevant and why that is. It was a great conversation and I had a buh-last doing it, so head over to The Vault of Horror and listen to me and my wicked sinus infection! Thanks to B-Sol for having me as a guest and being a big listener of podcasts, it was very cool being involved with one! Hope you hoes dig it!


  1. This is such a cool podcast, Matt! Listening to it at the moment and really enjoying it. Your on-going quest to completely take over the interwebs is stepping up a notch!

  2. Dude, I've been suffering through a sinus infection for 4 months. I thinl I need one of those sepsis or whatever surgeries.

    Checking out the podcast when I get home from work. Blocked here. Dag nabit!

  3. I listened to it last night--very interesting and intriguing subject. I believe I heard my name dropped at the beginning too, so from the get go it was a great conversation.

  4. James: Thanks James, glad you liked it! I liked it much more than I thought I would and hearing myself talk was only a little terrifying!

    POT: I had a great year for ye old sinuses and as I've gotten older, they the infections have tapered, but man, I am a fucking mess right now! Maybe we have tracking devices n our heads like Arnold in Total Recall!

    Let me know how you like it when you do listen to it!

    Rev: That is a half plug, so you owe me $5! It was a lot of fun and that is a subject that could have easily garnered a couple more hours of conversation!

  5. Duuuude, great podcast!

    Do you think these directors become complacent within their place as 'horror' directors?
    How much does the big studio system influence their positions?

    Take it away...

  6. Dylan: Thanks man! I hope you like was a lot of fun doing it!

    Ashlee: Thanks! I do think that the more studio involvement, the less creative control they have, unless they are super successful. Even then, how much control do they really have?

    As for being complacent, that may be the case with some, sometimes they are afraid to do something different, and if they do, it isn't always successful, so they revert to what they think fans what. Unfortunately, that can result in trying too hard, instead of just letting the art happen. It's truly an interesting subject.

  7. Or in the case of Michele Soavi, they hit what they consider to be their peak and then duck out entirely afraid that they will never reach the same success again. Great job guys!

  8. Thanks, Carl! Michele Soavi not making movies after Dellamorte Dellamore always bummed me out. If I remember correctly, he stopped making movies because his son was very ill and he wanted to focus on him. He's done a few things for TV, but hasn't done a movie since DD, but I think he may finally have something in production. What great things could have come from that guy, we'll never know, unfortunately.


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