Friday, February 12, 2010

Jean-Claude’s Friday Night Dance Party!


With it being Valentine’s Day weekend, I thought I would give you all a Valentine to show how much I love you. This may be one of the most mesmerizing clips I have ever seen and chances are, you will have this catchy tune in your head for weeks!

I have no clue who made this or who crafted this captivating song, but I love it and watch it at least seven times a day. The clip is taken from the 1984 classic Hip-Hop dance film, Breakin’, where this "brief" scene was the extent of Jean-Claude’s role. And what a job he did! He really takes the moves and makes them all his own, and never have I been so enchanted by a man’s hips moving back and forth in a onesie, like I am with JCVD in this clip. With the creation of this video, there is no more need for anti-depression medication anymore – one watch and your whole day is instantly made!

Oh, and you’re welcome!


  1. that is hysterical.

    thanks for spreading the JCVD love.

  2. Hahaha. Thank you! At first, I thought it was going to be this golden clip from Kickboxer:

  3. yup, that made my day - oh, and damn you to hell for the ear-worm.

  4. Let's invite Dolph to the party!

  5. Ah...not quite sure what to say....thanks...(I think...) 7 times a day...? ha ha.. lol

  6. WIEC?: No problem! He spreads the love with every movie he makes. I'm sure half the surrounding dancers got pregnant!

    Becky: I love that clip and would have it saved for a future dance party, but all of them are disabled! Bums me out because it's so funny!

    Pax: It can take over your soul and will be with you for many days!

    POT: WOW...just wow. He sings exactly like he looks!

    Frank and Ashlee: I'm watching it right now!

  7. Did you see the whole thing? The dude is a veritable 5 tool player: good looks, sings, dances, plays drums AND he breaks shit.

  8. I did and it's amazing! He sounds like Sean Connery for some reason!

  9. I've been using the animated GIF of JCVD dancing for years now. So classic. Love that remix.

  10. If anyone would appreciate that clip, I knew it would be you, Jaded! So funny!


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