Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Horror Hangover


Hoping many of you didn’t give up drinking for Lent (If you did, I give it a week), and you are still in need of a Hangover movie guide, I am here for you. We are here for each other!

SyFy shows up early (and often) this Sunday with Judge Dredd (1995) at 10:00 AM. I’ve never seen Judge Dredd, and I know I asked if Demolition Man was any good when that showed up on a previous Hangover and the responses were mostly positive. I think Judge Dredd will not get the same response. Though, Diane Lane might make it worth a watch? No?  I’m not posting the trailer for this one…when the name Judge Dredd comes up, I do not think of the comic, or the movie, but fucking ANTHRAX!!!!


SyFy keeps it movin’ right into noon with Showdown at Area 51 (2007). This film showed up on a previous Hangover and it looks quite fabulous. I’ll even post the same great clip just in case you are in doubt of just how fabulous this film looks.  


At 1:00, TNT infects it’s viewers with the second film in the franchise, Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004). I actually find the R.E. films to be fun, but Apocalypse is my least favorite of the three (my fav actually being Extinction!). I think what made this movie less than great for me was the Nemesis character - in the game, he was as scary as warts, in the movie, he yelled STARS a lot. Still, even though it’s a weak movie, I see nothing wrong with spending an afternoon with Mila Jovovich.   


SyFy reins it back in with Reign of Fire (2002) at 2:00. A lot of people shit on this movie and maybe that is why I didn’t hate it like others seem to – I had low expectations. It’s nothing great, but it’s okay enough, then again, a movie with dragons in it should make you blow some sort of load. Christian “Goood, for yeeeew!” Bale is always solid and it’s so nice to see Matthew McConaughey in a film that is not a shitty romantic comedy.


At 4:00, IFC gets wicked funky, with the awesome Martial Arts film, Iron Monkey (1993). Even though there is another great movie on at 4:00, I would bet you already have seen that one and not Iron Monkey, so I have to give it my pick of the week. Iron Monkey is a fantastic and incredibly fun Martial Arts film, and one of my favorites. There are some serious names involved with this one, namely the film’s director, Yuen woo-ping and my favorite working film Martial Artist, Donnie Yen! This one has it all, great drama, hysterical comedy, and some of the dopest fight scenes ever put to film…Iron Monkey is a must, and IFC will show it due justice I’m sure. I’ll stop now.


Sharing the 4:00 spot with Iron Monkey is, Predator (1987) on SyFy. If you really aren’t into Martial Arts movies, then Predator is not a bad way to spend an afternoon, in fact, it’s one hell of a way to spend an afternoon, a morning, and an evening. There is nothing I can say about Predator that could do it justice…it is a fucking awesome film, period. An action masterpiece with more testosterone than any movie ever made, and I love every second of it. This is a film that gave us a recent Monster of the Week, so that should be all that you need to know.


That is it for this week’s Hangover, which actually turned out pretty damned good with some great films later in the day. And how about that SyFy with it’s solid line-up?! Well played SyFy, well played.


  1. I think this is the most solid horror hangover lineup yet.

    Did you know the 'Thrax is still trying to get their shit together? Just settle on one singer (Belladonna is my favorite) and be done with it.

  2. Rev: I knew Anthrax would brighten up a day or two! That band just has a way of getting you pumped at any time, any place, without warning! Love it!

    POT: I thought the same about the quality of films this week, the best since Halloween time, that's for sure.

    And Belladonna is the only Anthrax singer for me, never liked the Bush stuff. Though, I don't think he ever had a chance in my heart with the love I have for beltin' Belladonna. It's so funny that you called them Thrax!

  3. Anthrax: "I'm the Man, I'm the Man! I'm so bad, I should be detentioned. Shut-shut up!"

    Wow you brought back memories.

    RE2 was such a disappointed. RE3 was a great game and I loved Nemesis, but this movie made him a straight up bitch ass.

    BTW Word Verification -

  4. I feel like a majority of the comments I leave [tho, sporadic] are ones in which I thank you for the head's up on something.

    Like Iron Monkey!

    I caught part of this on IFC a while back, but managed to watch it in its entirety yesterday thanks to the Hangover. So, once again, thanks to Matt.

  5. Geof: I used to have an I'm the Man t-shirt when I was a kid!

    I feel the same way about Nemisis, he was badass in the game and i remember him busting through walls from out of nowhere and scaring the poop outta me! Maybe he just isn't a character that can translate well to screen, but I don't think they even tried to make him intimidating at all! STARS!!

    Silence: That makes me super happy and I give you back a huge, you're welcome! I love that film and you know IFC will do it justice, so I'm psyched that you got to watch it and liked it!

    I was lucky enough to see it in theaters when Tarantino pushed to have Mirimax put it out for a limited run, and to say I was blown away would be putting it mild!

  6. Dude I thought that picture of me in the bathroom was gone forever..

  7. Ha, I found that shit...hope you're okay with me using it!


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