Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Horror Hangover


Well, hopefully you are waking up to not only a Hangover, but a little V-Day morning whoopie. If that’s the case, you know it isn’t gonna last all that long and since you’re already up, I have a lot of early morning crap for you to digest. First up, AMC get’s all Gangsta on yo ass when they have an all day marathon of Gangster films! Starting with The Untouchables (1987) at 10:30, Goodfellas (1990) at 1:00, The Godfather (1972) at 4:00, and heading into the late night hours of 8:00 with, The Godfather II (1974).

Outside of the AMC gangster's paradise and starting bright and early at 9:00 AM, Godzilla (1998) is playing on ABC Family. God, I remember a time when I thought this was going to be the greatest movie ever. When I watched The Big Hit on VHS, the teaser for this monstrosity was at the beginning and I was pumped! Godzilla 1998 is one of ten thousand reasons I hate Roland Emmerich…’nuff said.


Still wicked early - at 9:30 Death Sentence (2007) is showing on FX. A movie I have never seen, and while I have never heard anything great about it, it still piques my interest. It’s a revenge movie and I love revenge movies (but don’t we all?!) and I like Bacon too, so Death Sentence is certainly worth a shot.  


SyFy is playing Open Graves (2009) at 10:30, and while the idea of a killer board game sounds great, it looks like Open Toilet might be a better title for this crap fest. I was surprised to see it only came out last year since I have never heard anything about it, which may speak of the quality. I would probably still watch it though, but that’s just me.


And the only late afternoon Hangover movie worth any note is at 2:30 with Joshua (2007) on SyFy. I have heard some good things about this one and I love a good creepy killer kid movie. Sam Rockwell is in it, which is certainly not a bad thing at all and it’s kind of funny that Vera Farmiga plays the mother in yet another killer kid flick. I’ll give my pick of the week to Joshua, only because every time I say the title in my head, it is in the voice of Diana Waits.


That about does it kiddies…hope you all have a fabulous day and an even better evening. Peace!


  1. holy smokes i don't remember that Joshua movie at all. looks pretty great though. thanks for the suggestion.

    * mentioning, much less suggesting the Emirich 'zilla movie though was cruel and unusual.

  2. Death Sentence has some pretty gnarly scenes but outside of that, Kevin Bacon's performance is pretty flat. Had the potential to be great though.

    God, considering the hype around it, Godzilla 1998 has to be the most monumental let down of a film I had ever seen. And the baby Godzillas were a lame attempt at evoking the raptors scene from Jurassic Park. Such a terrible film.

  3. WIEC?: I had heard that Joshua was pretty good, but never checked it out. I always forget about it, unlike that terrible Godzilla movie.

    POT: I'm sure all of the "good stuff" will be edited out of Death Sentence for cable, unfortunately.

    Watching that trailer for Godzilla brought back this sick hatred I have for the movie and the whole idea about trying to capitalize on Jurassic Park is super lame.

  4. Joshua, eh? Killer kid movies usually don't disappoint so I'll put that one on my very long list.

    Coulda sworn I saw another movie worth mentioning on AMC this morning and thought of the Hangover... of course now I forget.

    And that ain't booze amnesia.

  5. I liked Death Sentence...a lot! (I don't care what anyone says about the trite story or cheesy score). Check it out. It's tonsa'fun, but also kinda' sad in the vein of Death Wish (it is apparently based on the second book or I guess).

  6. Ashlee: I hear ya about long list! It almost bums me out knowing that there will never be enough time in my life to watch every movie I want to! I will sure as hell try though.

    Now I'm curious as to if I missed a movie, but AMC was playing all Gangster films all day, so maybe it was another channel. And I'm with you about killer kid flicks...even bad ones are fun!

    Becky: A lot, huh?! That's encouraging! I thought it seemed kind of similar to Death Wish, and I LOVE Death Wish, so I will have to take a looksie at Death Sentence!

  7. My mom wrote me an email to tell me I needed to watch "Joshua". I guess I have to now!

  8. That's awesome! I wonder if she watched it on the Sunday this was posted?!


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