Friday, February 19, 2010

Freddy’s Friday Night Dance Party!: Enormous Schwanzstucker Edition!


Have I got a “Monster” of a Dance Party planned for all you jive ass turkeys this week! It is a memorable scene taken from an ageless horror comedy and is a big reminder why Mel Brooks was so awesome back in the day. It’s Puttin’ on the Ritz as performed by Dr. Frederick Fronk-en-steen! and his Monster. Enjoy.  

Originally written in 1929 by Irving Berlin, Puttin’ on the Ritz is a classic song, but that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since it’s like, a billion years old. Now, this little song and dance number from the 1974 Mel Brooks classic, Young Frankenstein, is just as classic, without being nearly as old and man, it is still incredibly funny. The legendary Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle knock this performance right out of the park and the chorus is just flat out hysterical, no matter how many times I’ve seen it. I actually revisited this film very recently after not seeing it for many years and I was so surprised at how well it holds up, as well as how enjoyable looking Teri Garr was. Roll in zee hey, indeed.


  1. I've got to go back and watch this movie. I recently purchased Blazing Saddles and felt it to held up pretty damn well. But then I may be a sucker for westerns.

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  3. I was recently saddened when I was playing a game of 'Scene It' with a group of friends and NO ONE knew the name of this song when quizzed about it and its role in Young Frankenstein (except for me of course).

    Friday is finally here. Let's get this party started!

  4. Ratof13: Blazing Saddles is still really great too, so you should still enjoy watching Young Frankenstein I think. It's the kind of humor that just doesn't get old I guess!

    7tavern: I'll check it out for sure!

    POT: That IS way sad! Unless they were pretty young, then there is no excuse! And yes, it is time to rock the funky beats, shun!

  5. I watched this when I was a kid and hated it. I think I must have been too young to get all the sex jokes. Because now I think it's great. And this scene cracks me up.

  6. I love Young Frankenstein. I'm like Whitney, never got the sex jokes til I got older and had a whole new appreciation. Great pick for the Fri Dance Party.

  7. Whitney and Geof: I liked it as a kid, but on a totally different level and that certainly has to do with the overt sexual humor! I definitely like it much better as an adult because there is more for me to like, including Teri Garr! Glad you both enjoyed the pick!

  8. I have yet to see this film but this scene is so classic I've seen it a few times and it always reminds me that I do need to see it!

    So I have sex jokes to look forward to? What am I waiting for?!

  9. You should definitely see it Ashlee...I actually re-watched it on Instant View, but I'm not sure if it's still on there or not. Worth a shot and you should find the movie very humorous!


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