Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Babble: House of Argento

dario I’ve had this $30 Amazon gift card burning a whole in my pocket since Christmas. Actually, it wasn’t in my pocket and the hole is only there to do a little undercover scratching if need be and the burning is more than likely related to that scratching, but I digress. I have been holding on to it for a few months now and I finally buckled after seeing that James Gracey’s upcoming Argento book, Dario Argento was on pre-order sale for under $14 bucks, which is a fucking steal if you ask me. I have mentioned the book more than once here on this blog, and I’m very excited that it’s finally on the horizon, so I encourage everyone with the love of Argento in their hearts to head over to Amazon and pre-order that shit! On a related side note, there is an awesome interview with the book’s author, James over at Fascination With Fear, so give it a read when you’ve got a moment.

hotd As I said, the book was only like $14 greenbacks, so I had some more money to spend, plus I wanted to save on shipping. Back when it released a few weeks ago, I almost used the gift card to buy The House of the Devil DVD/VHS pack, but resisted mainly because it cost $30 bucks and I didn’t want to blow my whole gift card load in one shot. Still, I have been wanting to see the movie wicked bad, and when I saw it was on sale for the slightly lower price of $25 beans, I buckled. I rarely blind buy, especially for such an amount, but knowing my taste, I should enjoy the film. If not, heads will roll. Hopefully I’ll get the movie soon so I can review it and say I liked it even if I didn’t, just so I don’t look like a chump who’s $25 poorer!

amer I know my Amazon purchases must be fascinating, but what IS fascinating is the trailer for the upcoming Belgian film, Amer which I bumped into over at Twitch. Maybe I just didn’t notice (which is probably the case), but I haven’t heard much about this movie which is described as a Neo-Giallo film from Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani. One look at this trailer, and I am filled with anticipation and am looking forward to checking this one out as soon as possible.

It looks funny, but plays fine.

So it all comes full circle…House of the Devil is a throwback to 80’s Satanic films, Amer is a throwback to classic Gialli, and Dario Argento is about a director of Gialli.


  1. Trailer ain't playing for me. Bummer.

    Wait... House of the Devil comes with both DVD & VHS?! :D That is a mighty tempting purchase. Yes, I still have my VHS hooked and ready.

    I've been meaning to do more reading on Argento. He's one of the few horror directors I haven't studied. But I loved Suspiria.

  2. It's not?! Lame. I looked on Youtube, but it isn't available as of yet. If you head over to Twitch, the trailer is at the bottom of their page I believe.

    And how cool is it that there is a VHS?! I don't have my VCR hooked up, but it is right behind me ready to be used at anytime needed!

    Suspiria is maybe my favorite Argento, but I go back and forth between that and Tenebre.

  3. Awesome trailer man, good looking film, thx for the tip!

  4. I to have yet to see House of the Devil and I'm trying to resist paying 30 bucks for the DVD/VHS combo myself.

    I think I may just stick with the DVD which isn't too much by it's self..but then again the idea of that VHS just seems so damn cool PLUS I still have a VCR.

  5. Mob: No problem does look quite fantastic and there are a few older trailers that look great too if you check on youtube.

    Chuck: Well, the price going down to $25 was enough to make me just break down and buy it. I love the look of it, the idea, and the collectible aspect of it all too. I hope it's not sealed, if it is, I won't open the VHS, but I would like to watch it on my VCR for fun!

  6. Thanks for the plug for my site - and it's a great interview thanks to James of course. (might want to check that link though - it also leads to the amazon site and not the actual interview. Just thought I'd let you know.)
    And I'm a big fan of Tenebrae as well... most people don't mention that one in a conversation about Argento;)

  7. Oh shit! My bad, thanks for letting me know! And Tenebre is one of his best by far and has one of my favorite death scenes ever put to film...I'm sure you can guess which one it is.

  8. Argento book sounds awesome! I'll have to look into getting a copy.

  9. He is a great writer and really knows his Argento...I'd be surprised if the book wasn't great!

  10. Thanks for the heads up on that low low pre order price for James's book!
    Also, you will enjoy "House of the Devil". If you don't I will eat my hat!

  11. Ha ha, do you have one of those Blossom hats?! And the book was such a great price...I had to pick it up and spread the word accordingly!

  12. Excellent choices Matt, I cant wait for James to finally see the release on the book!!

  13. I'm very happy with my purchases, but I am bummed I have to wait to get the book! James and all of us have been waiting quite some time for it to come out.


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