Thursday, December 31, 2009

Freddy’s New Years Eve Dance Party: Strong Desire for Bearded Men Edition!

Here it is people, the end of yet another decade, the end of an era, an era that seems to lack in comparison to more recent decades, but a decade that will slowly become looked at nostalgically as more and more time passes. It is a New Year and I think there is only one-way to move forward into the next decade – if you feel like you had a less than stellar decade, you need to take that shit and use it to propel yourself into the next decade with positive reinforcement. Start off with a beard. Nothing says “you’re gonna have a great year” than with a great beard.

Next, get yourself a nice brown coat with that weird nappy looking fur pillow stuffing shit and put it on…but not before you put on the tightest black leotard you can find to match your black tank filled with hot sweaty man boobs. Now, find a snowy spot that would seem to challenge your strength and stamina and heart – in Russia, of course. Run, set your heart on fire and put that strong desire to the test…show those that put you down that you have power and class, but your beard and work out routine are what drive you forward!

Doesn’t that just get you pumped up and ready to take on all challenges that lie ahead of you in the next ten?! If I wasn’t so busy sitting down, I would grab a jump rope and rip that shit up!

I hope you all had a great decade and here’s looking forward to the next one…unless the Apocalypse is planning on showing up that is.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Matt! That video makes me want to grow a beard myself, but sadly my face follicles will not cooperate with me.

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  2. I personally wished the Apocolypse would do a Men In Black memory eraser thingie on the last decade but since I can never have my way, I look forward with a little less cynicism and since I can't grow a beard, I'll rack up some armpit hair.

    Happe New Year! :)

  3. Bugg: Ha can always just draw one in! If you run with enough passion, no one will have the time to notice! Happy New Year man!

    Ashlee: If you can get it to grow long enough, you won't even need the weird coat with that furry insulation crap all over it! Hope you have a great New Years, Ashlee!

  4. Happy New Years Matt!!

    I nominated you for an award, so please check out this link to my post when you get a chance and I hope you will be interested in participating:

  5. Happy New Year, and hooray for 'Burning Heart', a lesser appreciated - but no less noble & important - ROCKY milestone tune.

  6. Geof: Awesome! Thank you so much and I will get to work on something as soon as possible! Have a great New Year!

    Astro: Happy New Year to you too! The Rocky films are nothing short of a gold mine for great musical montages and I could probably do three months worth of Dance Parties with just music from the movies!

  7. HOLY SHIT! Me and my buddy were singing this song at the bar last night at the top of our lungs. GET OUT OF MY HEAD MATT!!!

    Happy New Year to my favorite blogging friend.

  8. Ha! What are the chances?! I guess good when you're dealing with a song as sick as Hearts on Fire!

    I hope you have a great New Year too and may your desire be ever so strong!

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  10. Ok Matty - this, by far, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is my favorite spam comment of all-time. Blue pleated and papmers...doesn't get much better. This is why it pays to subscribe to comments even if things like this pop up two years later.

  11. I've gotten a few of them over the last week. Not only are there random comments from pamper coupons, but also braille sign supplies, too! They must really know me well!


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