Friday, December 18, 2009

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: Now You're Playing With Power! Edition!

Going a different route for this weeks kinda sorta Dance Party, I have a handful of clips from the Nintendo Entertainment System's release of A Nightmare on Elm Street - The Game! I know this isn't necessarily dance Party material, or so you think...each one of these clips has a snazzy little tune to go along with the spot on game- play and controls of this *ahem* "classic" video game.

Think of it as almost something similar to Trip-Hop, it's unconventional, but you can still dance to it if you got the right flava! I personally love when the beat just straight drops and you get that tight "Beep-beep-boop!" Shit is amazing! And progressive.

Title Screen!

Outside fighting!

Freddy's Friday Night Fights!

Ending...aww, how sad.

Warning! The ending to the A Nightmare on Elm Street video game is spooled in this next clip, so if you have not yet beaten it for yourself, you may want to skip this one.


  1. This and the Friday the 13th NES game frustrated me to know end--for many reasons. The music is tight though.

  2. Yeah, Both games really sucked, but the were from horror movies, so of course you just HAD to play them! When I found that picture of the NES cartridge, I couldn't help but to blow air on it to try to get the game to work. Old habit, I guess!

  3. Ha ha...peeps would know you were the real deal with a Freddy video game ringtone!

  4. This game and Jaws pissed me off to no end. So ridiculously hard.

  5. Freddyth is dead? Noooo!

    I adore the fact that in every Nintendo game, your only real defense against worms, bats, turtles, mushrooms, etc. was to leap over them.

  6. POT: Yeah dude...all of those games caused major fits of hissy for me too!

    Emily: Ha ha...maybe they'll make a sequel title Freddyth's Revenge!

    Those threats to your characters life only seemed to have a forward motion that propelled them from right to left on the screen for some reason!

  7. Be still my nostalgic heart! Although this game was probably the only Nintendo game I didn't own. And a few years ago downloaded it for the computer and if it didn't piss me off then I can imagine playing it on NES.

    I do love the music though. But I'm sure I have a better time watching the films. Yeah, even Freddy's Revenge.

  8. I love Freddy's Revenge! Though, I am one of the very...very few that does!

    I had bought a Nintendo a few years back and with it, a whole bunch of games, one of them being the Nightmare one. I got so mad at it, I threw it across the room and returned the Nintendo. True story!

  9. Possibly better than NES Superman.

  10. Heh...he didn't even fly if I remember correctly, so you may be right!



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